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How to (re)write an image file to a SD card

What’s on the SD Card?

The SD card contains your 3D printers operating system. This operating system is distributed as image files.

Why do i need to (re)write the SD card on my printer?

  1. To update your printers firmware
  2. When your SD card is damaged

Why SD cards get damaged

  1. There is a power surge on the grid
  2. SD cards have a limited number of write cycles
  3. Switching off the printer without powering down from the touchscreen first

TIP: To prevent SD card damage always use the shutdown function from the touchscreen, after that use the power switch of the power. Warning: never switch off the printer by unplugging the power cord.

How do i know if my SD card is damaged

  • If your printers touchscreen is stuck on ‘connecting’
  • When the printer doesn’t respond well, cannot connect to networks or issues that cannot be explained
  • When support staff tells you

Where is the SD card

Depending on your printer model there is a SD card inside or on the back of your Phrozen 3D Printer. This SD card is the system disk for your printer containing the operating system.

For models with an internal SD card you would need to remove the case. You can find the SD in the Raspberry PI mounted inside the machine. Its best to use a pair of needle pliers to remove the SD card.

Its best practice to always use a new SD card. If you get a new SD card please make sure it’s the same brand and model as the old one.

Where can i find the Image file

Image files are available on the printers product page download section and here Phrozen OS image files

How to write the image file to the SD card

  1. Download and install win32diskimager software Download
  2. Download the image file for your 3D Printer. Phrozen OS image files
  3. Uncompress the image file if needed
  4. Use a new sd card when the original sd card is damaged
  5. Use win32diskimager to write the image  file to the sd card
  6. Put sd card in 3D printer
  7. Power on 3D printer
  8. Ready

The SD card keeps getting damaged

In some cases the SD card has physical damage. You can rewrite the image file, all looks fine but it will fail again after a while. Its best practice to always use a new SD card. If you get a new SD card please make sure it’s the same brand and model (or similar) as the old one.