Ackuretta NFinity

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Ackuretta NFinity is a nitrogen generator for Ackuretta CURIE Plus and is used for improving the mechanical properties of the printed models.

  • Nitrogen Generator
  • For Ackuretta CURIE Plus
  • To Improve Mechanical Properties
SKU 99893
Brand Ackuretta

Product description

Ackuretta NFinity is a nitrogen generator that works best with Ackuretta CURIE Plus. NFinity is used for improving mechanical properties and preventing oxidation. 

  • nitrogen generator - for improving mechanical properties and preventing oxidation. It also prevents discoloration and speeds up the post-curing process for improved efficiency.
  • 95% nitrogen purity - increases the nitrogen saturation of the UV curing unit environment from 78% to 96% pure nitrogen, More efficient light absorption. NFinity is a safe space-saving alternative to traditional nitrogen tanks. It offers an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen, eliminating the need for frequent refills.
  • enhanced mechanical properties - including flexural strength and modulus, hardness, and viscosity. More durability and longer-lasting applications
  • work with Ackuretta CURIE Plus - the nitrogen generator is made to work together with the curing unit, Ackuretta CURIE Plus

Technical Specification

  • Size: 270mm x 210mm x 365mm


  • Here you can buy CURIE Plus
  • CURIE Plus is not included


Product specifications

Brand Ackuretta
Product State New
Country Of Origin Taiwan
External stock Ships in 2 to 5 weeks
Product application Dental
Equipment Types Resin curing
Post Processing for Resin
Manufacturer EAN 810110420434

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